“Lollywood once competed with its Indian counterpart, but has over the past many years seen a constant decline and is today being replaced by its foreign competitors. Lollywood through the ages aims to tap on those people who were responsible for the rise of the industry during the 60s, and the 70s and then those who witnessed the downward spiral in the later years.” – Haroon Khalid, Director, Lollywood Through the Ages, Lahore


Lollywood, based in Lahore started in 1929 with the opening of the United Players’ Studios on Ravi Road. The Pakistani film industry is known to have produced some of the most remarkable and talented writers, actors, directors and for introducing pop music to South Asia. The Citizens Archive of Pakistan has preserved a rare collection of film posters and film magazines from Lollywood to honor the efforts of all those that were and are involved in the industry. Films, images, articles and advertisements of films collected from libraries and private collectors have digitized. Our Archive has 60 rare posters in the print form and digitized. As our collection grows, we are hope to add rare records of Lollywood hits and original film reels too.


January 2013: ‘The Lollywood Art Project’ was launched at Port Grand, Karachi. The event featured workshops by Master Painter Faiz Rahi, live painting, and an art exhibition as a celebration and revival of the Lollywood art culture in Pakistan.


November 2012: Iqbal Day exhibit opened at Port Grand, Karachi. The exhibition included a timeline on Iqbal’s life, his handwritten work and a virtual tour of the Iqbal Academy in Lahore.


November 2012: The Exchange for Change: Pakistan India 2012 2013 program press launch was held at Marriott Hotel, Karachi. At the press conference, singer-actor Ali Zafar presented the ideology behind the program and helped create widespread awareness of promoting a peaceful dialogue between the youth of Pakistan and India. Routes2Roots Board Members Ms. Tina Vachani and Mr. Rakesh Gupta were present along with CAP Board Members.


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