Birth of Pakistan

Birth of Pakistan

The Mohatta Palace – Karachi


Birth of Pakistan is the first of a series of community outreach projects curated by CAP specifically for children. The exhibit takes viewers through the struggle from the Lahore Resolution of 1940 until the initial years of Pakistan’s sovereignty, highlighting the sacrifices made to achieve a homeland in 1947 to the early days of the new nation of Pakistan, as it struggled to stand on its feet.


The exhibit held that opened at the Mohatta Palace Museum in Karachi in March 2010 presented an exclusive ‘train journey’ from India to Pakistan, reconstructing replicas of government offices and refugee camps. Children had a chance to explore the contents of a ‘sundook‘ or trunk brought to Pakistan by a migrant, photographs and film clips of significant events of Pakistan’s early history.


Visitors were given their copies of the first Pakistani Passport and were educated about the announcement of Independence to the masses. They also received a glimpse of the first Pakistani flag and heard the National Anthem. The exhibition also explored the attributes of Quaid e Azam’s persona through the memories of his close associates, colleagues, and enthusiasts. CAP honored the contributions of Muslim League leaders and pioneers such as Begum Raana Liaqat Ali Khan, the first civil servants of Pakistan and the members of the Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy, Police and Army, Pakistan Women’s National Guard, All Pakistan Women’s Association and Radio Pakistan.


Over the course of seven months, more than 10,000 students from 150 schools and 4000 members of the public viewed the exhibit.


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