CAP is the only not-for-profit organisation in Pakistan that is building and maintaining an extensive digital archive to preserve our nation’s history and culture. CAP has focused its attention on the tradition of oral storytelling in Pakistan, emphasising the importance of such narratives in creating a platform for national memory. Since its inception, CAP through OHP has digitised more than 650,000 photographs from private and public collections and has collected over 5000 oral histories. Our archive offers one of the most unique selections of photography and is the only diverse collection of oral histories in Pakistan.

CAP Archive

CAP has recorded in its archive the momentum that led to the birth of Pakistan, as well as the activities in the early years of the new country. Our archive is comprised of materials that we have collected between 2007 and the present day, as well as official and personal collections donated to us::



Sr. No.

Category – Appearing on Website
1 Citizens in Early Pakistan
2 Monuments, Landmarks, and Cities
3 Educational Institutes
4 Government of Pakistan
5 Entertainment and Press
6 Leaders Pre and Post-Partition
7 Major Milestones
8 Museums, Art and Culture
9 Travel
10 Pre-Partition Life in Other Countries
11 Partition of 1947
12 Famous Personalities
13 Sports
14 Women
15 Medicine
16 Agriculture
17 Photography
18 Environment
19 Industry and Infrastructure
20 Food
21 Urban and Agrarian Pakistan
22 River Indus
23 Civil Services of Pakistan
24 Law
25 Covid-19
26 Armed Forces in the Early Years of Pakistan
27 British Royalty
28 Finance
29 Foreign Officials
30 Gandhi
31 Gramophone Covers
32 Early Identification Documents
33 Matchboxes and Stamps
34 Correspondance
35 Old Pakistani Currency
36 Awards and Medals
37 Maps
38 Partition Records
39 Cultural Organisations
40 Historic Hotels















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