National History Museum, Lahore

National History Museum, Lahore

A project of the Parks and Horticultural Authority (PHA), has been curated and is being managed by the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP). The museum showcases 441 images, 71 audios and 50 videos featuring photographs, newspaper articles, personal letters, oral histories of partition witnesses and survivors drawn from the CAP archive to engage people of all ages with the history and culture of Pakistan.The museum has a total of 20 exhibits, 3 special installations and several special features such as an amphitheater and a cinema.Digital in nature, the museum is the first of its kind in the country. State-of-the-art technology has been used to ensure an interactive and immersive experience for visitors.
Digital features include:
• Hologram
• Virtual Reality
• Immersive audio-visual experiences
• LCDs
• Digital projections
• Green room (Camera from The Past)

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