Exchange for Change – India

Exchange for Change - India

Exchange for Change India was a 16 month program that allowed for a sustained dialogue between students of Pakistan and India. The project consisted of four-phases: letters, postcards, collages and oral histories that connected 2400 students from 10 schools across Delhi, Mumbai, Lahore and Karachi. The project culminated with a 19 member Pakistani and Indian delegation visiting Delhi and Lahore respectively. Given the success of the project, CAP firmly believes that such interaction gives students a clearer understanding of their shared history, culture and lifestyles and leads to a positive change in restructuring cultural misconceptions and intergenerational conflict.


The first exchange includes letters of introduction and opinions about history. The second phase includes the Photography Series, which includes the exchange of postcards with self taken images and an exchange of collages made of self taken photographs of historical locations in an endeavor to familiarize each other with the history of the city in which they reside. The third stage is an exchange of Oral Histories where school children will participate in open houses at their respective schools, where their parents and grandparents will narrate stories about Pakistani and Indian history. These stories are recorded and sent across the border.


Exchange for Change – India (2010-2012) was carried out in conjunction with Routes2Roots, an Indian non profit organization working for peace and dialogue between Pakistan and India. Participating Pakistani schools were City School, ILM School, Links School and Savings Group Schools. Participating Indian Schools are Sanskriti, St. Pauls, Balwant Rai Mehta Vidya Bhavan School, Shushuvan and Gandhi Memorial. CAP is currently in preparation to launch round two of Exchange-for-Change India, connecting more students across the border.

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