CAP Family Carnivals

CAP Family Carnivals

After the tremendous success of our past CAP Children’s Carnivals held in January 2015 at Aman House, March 2016 at the Karachi Parsi Institute (KPI), CAP hosted The CAP Family Carnival January 2019 and February 2020 at the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi. The CAP Family Carnival is aimed at fundraising to support our running expenses and core projects.

In 2019, over 3000 people attended the carnival on a sunny Sunday afternoon, which featured food stalls, rides, games, prizes, and interactive activities for the whole family such as Bounce trampoline, a Haunted House, CAP Exhibit which screened short videos produced by CAP, TDF Magnifiscience, Dot & Line’s ‘Little Einsteins’ stall, a heritage workshop for children by PCCC, Photo booth by Oshoot, Pot Painting, Mural Painting, Face Painting, Art Competition, Activity Zones, Carnival games such as Knock the Cans, Darts, Minute to Win it and everyone’s favorite ‘Pakistan Challenge’- a two player buzzer game that tests your knowledge about Pakistan! Adults and teens alike were seen having a fantastic time engaging at the ‘Music Trivia’ and ‘Pin the City’ stall amongst many other activities.

Raffles were announced through ought the day with people walking with grand prizes such as airline tickets, artwork by renowned artists, clothes from luxury brands, designer furniture amongst many others.  The breezy evening wrapped up with performances by our Entertainment partner Salt Arts featuring Alycia Dias and Rudoh. The carnival provided good wholesome fun for all age groups.

The CAP Family Carnival 2020 along with its fun activities, had a new feature this year, called the Tareekh 1947 exhibit. The exhibit was an immersive museum experience which took attendees back on a journey through history. Starting from pre-partition, the exhibit covered the partition from the subcontinent, the creation of the new nation, and the transportation and travel across the border. This included audio histories from partition survivors, a recreation of the refugee tent, and a suitcase installation to showcase what the partition survivors carried with them into Pakistan, if anything at all. The interactive museum exhibit also featured games, an ID card photobooth where people could take their photos, as well as a life size cut-out of Quaid-e-Azam which they could pose with or take a selfie with.

With the support of our sponsors we know that the events and activities we curate will leave children and adults wanting more!

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